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Google Pacman

The well known game, which comprises of eating dots and fruits without being hit by phantoms in a labyrinth, was delivered in Japan in 1979. First called Puck Man (got from pakupaku truly signifying "to open and close your mouth" ), the title of the game was immediately changed into PacMan to maintain a strategic distance from any terrible play on words.

Surely, on the off chance that we scratch the circle of the "p", we get Fuck Man. Not incredible for a computer game ... Be that as it may, the most interesting part is the manner in which the thought for the game came into the brain of its maker, Toru Iwatani.

He essentially envisioned this incredible game by watching a pizza that was feeling the loss of a section.

Google Pacman was developed by Namco it’s an arcade game which first was released on the arcade machine and then been developed on many other consoles including Gameboy.During the game the player control the object pac-man and guide it to eat all dots and avoid enemies (ghosts) , if a ghost touches pac-man it lost a life , if pac-man eat all dots it taken to the next stage. There’s dots on corners that game pac-man the ability to eat the ghosts too by touching them.

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